Welcome to Viable Research, a data collection company specializes in cost effective online survey programming, hosting and data processing. We work quickly and efficiently to deliver quality actionable data which allows our clients to meet their research goals. We believe that it is our dedication to quality data which will be used to create viable marketing plan for your company.

Online Survey

Viable Research¡¯s online experience is global in scope. To give our Clients the competitive edge, we engages in advanced programming and reporting tool to help you prepare a presentation that will set you apart from your competition. Our programmers develop customized online survey modules in HTML, Flash, jQuery and PHP overlays to suit the particular research need focused on increasing the response rate and optimizing the survey taking experience.

Data Processing

With the ability to provide data in a variety of formats, we offer our clients a key value add to the data collection business ¨C preparing the data for analysis and interpretation. The reports we deliver are uniform, clean, and easy to read. Key statistics are available when and where you decide. We can also write table summaries for quick and easy review of key data elements. Our stringent requirements ensure that we get the job done right and on-time.

Customer Feedback Program

We can provide you a feedback system that enable your company to receive vital feedback on the issues you need to understand. We will understand what your customers like or dislike about your products/services. Based on the feedback, managers will have an opportunity to fix the customers' issue if any.